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Choosing a contractor can be a difficult task: You can choose someone who has the experience, but the price more than reflects that experience, or you can choose someone without the experience, but no track record to verify their work. Having someone that can provide you the quality of work that you should expect, the reliability to show up and finish on a schedule , be someone you can afford and will be there after the work is finished  is tough. When you are looking for a contractor, keep in mind a few questions that you should ask:

·         How long have you been in business, have you ever built this type of project before?

·         Can you provide reference for work you have done?

·         If I talked to your references about work you completed last year what would they say? For work completed 10 years ago?

·         What experience do you have in helping with the design?

·         Do you use your own people? What are their backgrounds?

·         Do you carry insurance in case something happens on the job site?

·         If we have a problem, how can I reach you after the project is completed?

If you have already received a bid for your project, bring in your design and questions. We are happy to provide an alternate bid and to review your current plans. 


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